Running While Traveling by Audie Dennis

2 years ago

If you, like myself, do quite a bit of traveling, you probably find it a challenge to get your run in while out of town. Whether you are training for an upcoming event or just want to be consistent in maintaining your fitness level, how do you make sure your exercise regimen does not suffer in the midst of a hectic business trip or vacationing with the family? Here are some things I have learned through the years that have helped me. First of all, make sure you pack all your running gear and take it with you. You certainly are not going to step foot out the door if you don’t have your stuff! And be sure to check the weather forecast for where you are headed to ensure you pack the appropriate gear. As a side note, I always keep a bag packed with basic running gear with me where ever I go. As I like to say “You never know when a run might break out”. Secondly, mentally work through and plan your upcoming travel schedule in advance and be sure to include when you are going to carve out the time for your run. As a poster I have in my office says, “A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish”. If you know in advance when you will be fitting your run in, the likelihood of it actually happening increases greatly. But what if you are unfamiliar with the area and don’t know where to run? I have found that the front desk staff at most hotels are great sources of information for close places to run or even just which direction to run if running straight from the hotel. You’re not the first person to ask them this question, I assure you! Check online for running clubs in the area also. Club websites often will list local running trails, courses, etc. and directions on how to get there. is another good tool for finding great local routes for the city you are in. Finally, if worse comes to worse, most hotels have exercise rooms with treadmills available. While this is always my last resort, it will work in a pinch. The above tips apply even if your travel is for vacation with family. I highly suggest though you try to schedule your vacation runs early in the morning so as to not take away from precious time with your family. They will appreciate it and you will feel better maintaining some semblance of a routine while out of your normal element. You might also plan ahead by checking out sites such as or to see if there is a local 5k going on while you are there. Any experienced runner knows that rest days and recovery days are good. Vacations are meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating. And business trips can be non-stop and exhausting. So don’t overdo it and obsess with trying to run every single day of your business trip or vacation. And don’t beat yourself up if the schedule just does not allow for a run that day. Keep it all in perspective. Running is a lifetime activity and missing a day during travel or vacation is not going to negatively affect your long-term fitness.

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